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Frequently Asked Questions

What music is appropriate or allowed?

We always have to be considerate of the elements that occur during a celebration in sacred space, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have liberty in your choices. Vocal music must be chosen with the highest level of care because the text is proclaimed inside a sacramental celebration. Any sung music (prayer) must be appropriate for such a setting, and abide in the teachings of the Church.  There are no exceptions to this. Instrumental music, however, has a fair amount more liberty in choices as no text is proclaimed.

What else do we need to consider when choosing music for our wedding?

Musical context is something to keep in mind whether you’re considering classical, Christian/worship music, or even more contemporary music selections. The idea being to consider the ‘context’ in which the music will be performed – generally, that means on either piano or organ. Will the music you’re considering be effective and make sense in those mediums? Likewise depending on what vocal music you’re considering – that might have bearing on the vocalist choice for your celebration. See the above video for more on this.

Can we hire additional instrumentalists for our wedding?

Yes, you can. This is not uncommon, but you need to makes these considerations early so professionals can be contracted. Whether you’re considering a string trio/quartet, trumpet to play with organ, etc. – we have contractors we can refer you to, or work with to secure players. Do know that the costs vary depending on the number of players and the contractor/ensemble.

Can you choose our music for us?

Yes, we can. While we encourage you to make the music for your celebration a personal reflection of yourself as a couple, we can certainly make appropriate selections should you want that. We might ask you a few questions to get a better idea of what direction to go however.