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a community of communities

It is our mission to build a “community of communities” at Prince of Peace through the Small Group Ministry.  As members of the family of God, by coming together in the small group setting of 6 - 12 people, you have an opportunity to create long-lasting, genuine relationships with people who share your faith and want to be a part of your life. Together, you can share and live out the joy of the gospel through fellowship, prayer and worship, while growing in your Catholic faith.

Groups at POP come in all sizes and shapes — men, women, married couples, singles, young adults, etc.  No matter where you are in life, there’s a group that will welcome you.  You can either form a group with your friends, or have the Small Group Ministry help find one that is a good fit for you. For questions or more details, please email

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2019 LENTEN Program


What is the program, “Opening the Word”?
Prince of Peace has selected “Opening the Word” for small groups to study this Lenten season. This is a dynamic program offering prayer and insights for the Sunday Scriptural lessons in Year C during Lent.
Featuring a variety of experienced presenters, the videos are designed to facilitate thought and discussion for personal faith formation or in the context of a group meeting. Personal Prayer Journals and a Group Leader’s Guide are also available to make the most of these Sunday readings.

For questions or to request assistance, please send an email to and our Small Group Ministry will contact you.  

How to Access the Free “Opening the Word” Materials

All the materials needed to facilitate a small group discussion is found on FORMED, which is free with our Prince of Peace subscription. 

FORMED brings together the best Catholic teachers, authors, and speakers to offer an unmatched breadth of content and a variety of options to pass on the beauty and power of the Catholic Faith. To learn more about FORMED and how to access the web site, go to POP’s Formed web page. Once you log in, just search on the words, “Opening the Word, Lent Through Easter Year C”, and select the appropriate Sunday of Lent for each of your sessions.

For questions, contact



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Small Group and how does it work?

Small Group: A group of 6-12 people who gather together to socialize, pray, study, discuss, and grow in the Catholic faith.

Meeting Location and When You Meet: These are at the discretion of the group members. You may choose to meet in a home or elsewhere (i.e. a coffee shop, restaurant with a private room/area). Groups often rotate meeting at each other’s homes. It is preferred that you not try to reserve a room at Prince of Peace since there would be too many groups to accommodate. It is encouraged that you meet once a week or every other week to study the chosen materials, but at least once a month. 
Coordinator: A Small Group Coordinator plans and administers the group. The coordinator maintains the group roster and works with the group to identify the meeting facilitator and location, as well as arrangements for food/refreshments. The coordinator also interfaces with the Small Group Ministry and the group mentor to provide feedback and to address any issues that may arise. The coordinator can also serve as the facilitator, if they so desire.
Facilitator: A Small Group Facilitator facilitates the group meetings. The facilitator commits to knowing the material in advance, being prepared to facilitate the group discussion, and arranging for opening/closing prayer.
Training:  Training and helpful resources are readily available to coordinators and facilitators by POP staff and Small Group Ministry.

Program Materials: You may choose study materials from a variety of topics on the approved Prince of Peace listing. Topics include scripture and faith-based studies, prayer, and areas of special interest (e.g. parenting, etc.)

Why should I join the POP Small Group Ministry?

Your Unique Mission: Small groups can help you discern and live out the unique mission God has given to you on this earth. They help you to share the joy of the gospel with others in your life.

Community/Relationship: Small groups build our sense of community and help us to belong to our family of God at Prince of Peace. Small groups are an opportunity to create deep and lasting relationships with people who will share times of joy in your life, as well as encourage and help you in times of difficulty.

Faith: Small groups help you to know, love, and serve the Lord through prayer, generosity and evangelization.  They help you to build your faith and strengthen your friendship with Christ and the Catholic Church.

Relevance: Small groups are flexible and can select materials geared to members’ interests and needs. They help you to receive God’s grace in your daily life.