Called to be

a light

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
— John 1:5

join us in prayer

In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us to keep our eyes fixed on Him, even when surrounded by darkness. The recent news about the failures of the clergy has cast a shroud of darkness over the Church. During these difficult times, Prince of Peace renews its commitment to be focused on Christ - to be a light in the darkness.

The events of the past few months have left many of us confused, angry, and hurt. We grieve for the victims of abuse and their families. Please turn with us, in prayer, to Jesus our High Priest, to find consolation and strength.

Prayer for Healing Victims of Abuse

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from our parish and archdiocese


The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston has issued various statements related to the failures of the clergy:


In his homily on September 9, 2018, Fr. John Keller reminded Prince of Peace of our mission as Church, to bring others to Jesus Christ. He also spoke openly about the recent news. A few notes from his homily:

  • The function of “Church” is to bring people to Jesus Christ. We will continue with our ministry that God gave us to do.

  • God’s perfect love for us endures forever. It is the task of the Church to live out this love with hearts on fire for Christ.

  • Fr. John again speaks about his personal experience:

    • The accusation brought against him in 2002, and the investigation by the lay review board.

    • The review board’s conclusion - “there is nothing here that should keep this man from ministry”, and the letter from the Bishop that was shared with the parish at the time, offering details of the investigation.

    • The approval by the national review team of the investigation and conclusion reached.

  • Fr. John’s homily in its entirety can be listened to here: Fr. John Keller Homily - September 9, 2018


Prince of Peace is devoted to maintaining a safe environment for all. You can read more about the procedures in place to ensure a safe community here: Prince of Peace - Safe Environment