ongoing training

VIRTUS is the program selected by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston to educate clergy, staff, and volunteers who work with children and youth about child sexual abuse and the ways to create a safe environment for children. The live sessions include videos and facilitated discussions. Adults learn how to recognize the warning signs of sexual abuse and to respond appropriately.

For questions about VIRTUS in English, please contact Blanca Soto at or (281) 469-2686 ext 321.

For questions about VIRTUS in Spanish, please contact Evely Celis at or (281) 469-2686 ext 381. 



The first part of the VIRTUS program is a workshop called “Protecting God’s Children.” The training makes participants aware of the signs of child sexual abuse, the methods and means by which offenders commit abuse, and five easy steps one can use to prevent child sexual abuse. Two videos are the centerpiece of the training. The facilitators incorporate policies and procedures into the training defining child sexual abuse, addressing the reporting of child sexual abuse, the screening and selection of employees and volunteers, and victim advocacy.



Five years after completing the “Protecting God’s Children” workshop, employees and volunteers are required to complete “Protecting God’s Children 3.0”, a mandatory refresher workshop.