YEM Spotlight

By Gretchen Hollas

How long have you been served by/volunteered with this ministry?

  • 2+ years as a teen

  • 5 years serving as an adult

Describe a time when you encountered Christ through this ministry?

  • I encountered Christ as an adult chaperone at Camp Covecrest during adoration. After spending a week in the mountains, being surrounded by a hundred teens praising God, there was no doubt that Jesus was present in that moment. There was so much peace and restoration happening with everyone bringing their needs before Him and it was a beautiful encounter I won't forget.

How has this experience positively touched your life?

  • The conversations I've had with teens during small groups on retreats, as well as those on Wednesday nights at Sync, have really encouraged me to share my faith more with other adults. The youth are so open and unafraid to share Jesus with their peers, and using that inspiration to talk to my friends and family about faith and religion has helped me grow tremendously.

Any other comments you'd like to share about your experience with this ministry?

  • I enjoy seeing how YEM introduces so many youth to who Christ is, and I'm grateful to journey along with them as they prepare for Confirmation, college, and adulthood.

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