Our Brothers in Christ

Classic Newsletter 2 - Prison Ministry Recruitment - Sam Watkins.jpg

This picture is from Kolbe Retreat #1 at Estelle Unit in Huntsville, Texas. Larry and Charles are brothers. They are allowed to be in the same cell block at the same unit, because one has a terminal illness. Thanks to administrators on the state level, the brothers have some time together. I, ( Samuel ) ( pictured in the Kolbe shirt ) see these brothers on Tuesdays for Catholic Services. There are about 120 brothers in white that show up for Communion Services and 20 to 30 who attend RCIA. These men are so grateful and happy we are there for them. If volunteers do not show for chapel, there is no Communion Service. We volunteers are treated with a great deal of respect by the brothers in white. Actually, we are treated as brothers in Christ! You may be surprised to hear this, but the Holy Spirit is alive and well in prison! If you feel called to share your faith and love to those that hunger for God, please reply to this request.

Rebecca KunkelComment