support those in our community

Our Business Directory is compiled of parishioner-owned businesses and professional services in an effort to help the parish provide economic support within our own community. It is intended to be an online resource that gives current information such as contacts, links to websites and other descriptions of these businesses. 

We ask parishioners and friends to patronize these businesses because they serve our community, employ other parishioners, or support our ministries in various ways. 

Prince of Peace does not endorse these businesses or services but is merely providing convenient access to information on companies or professional services owned by fellow parishioners.

Why Should I Support the Businesses in Our Directory?

If you are a registered parishioner and a business owner or provide professional services, please provide your information in the form below. Your information will be reviewed, and we'll contact you. 

How Do I list My Business?

How Much Does it Cost to List My Business?

There is no charge for listing, however, we ask you to consider making a donation to the Prince of Peace Mercy Ministry, which provides support and assistance to the poor and needy in our area.

Parish Business Directory Listing Request Form

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