ministry of mothers



POPMOMs is for moms of all ages and stages to promote Catholic family values through daytime and evening spiritual, social and service events.


First Fridays, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, St. Joseph Center

Join us for snacks, coffee, fellowship and a great talk or activity each month. Confession usually available during meetings.


Third Fridays, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, St. Joseph Center

It takes a village to raise our kids. Join other moms in this monthly group that discusses the Sunday Gospel and other mommy topics.


Fourth Fridays, 10:00 am-12:00 pm, St. Joseph Center

Enjoy praying the rosary with other moms while your children enjoy some play time. Feel free to bring a snack or picnic lunch.


Date, Time, and Location TBD monthly

Take a break from your routine and enjoy some fun with other moms.  Check your email for an Evite with details.


Date, Time, and Location TBD monthly

Let the kids play while the moms hang out.. Check your email for an evite with details.

The two main ways we communicate with POPMOMs are through social media and email. Request to join our private Facebook group (“Prince of Peace Ministry of Mothers”) and a group Admin will respond. Once they establish communication with you via Facebook Messenger (to verify your identity for the safety of our other members) you will be added to the group and enjoy the warm and friendly home we’ve created online. Sign up for our email list through All pertinent invitations and information is distributed to our members via email first, with reminders sporadically shared on Facebook. EMAIL IS THE MOST RELIABLE WAY TO KEEP UP WITH EVENTS.



Have an additional question? Send it to to be answered and we’ll include it here anonymously.

Q. What does POPMOMs stand for?

 A. Prince of Peace Ministry of Mothers!

Q. What is POPMOMs mission?

 A. POPMOMs is for moms of all ages and stages to promote Catholic family values through daytime and evening spiritual, social, and service events. We come together to share experiences, friendship, support, and meaningful activities. POPMOMs activities include monthly general meetings, monthly daytime and evening small group discussions (Village and Evening Village), Moms Night Outs, play dates, a meals program (Meals for Moms), service projects, couples’ and family activities, and much more.

Q. What events can I expect each month?

A. We have SIX monthly events during the school year, which are explained above. Be sure to check the Evite for the latest information on location and contact numbers for other POPMOMs should you have any questions.

Q. How can I stay connected to POPMOMs?

A. The two main ways we communicate with POPMOMs are through social media and email. Request to join our private Facebook group (“Prince of Peace Ministry of Mothers”) and a group Admin will respond. Once they establish communication with you via Facebook Messenger (to verify your identity for the safety of our other members) you will be added to the group and enjoy the warm and friendly home we’ve created online. Sign up for our email list through All pertinent invitations and information is distributed to our members via email first, with reminders sporadically shared on Facebook. EMAIL IS THE MOST RELIABLE WAY TO KEEP UP WITH EVENTS.

Q. Who can participate in POPMOMs events?

A. Any mother is welcomed to join us – POP parishioners, friends from other parishes, neighbors, family members, and strangers (soon to be friends).

Q. Do I Have to be Catholic to enjoy the POPMOMs group?

A. We are a Catholic, therefore Christian, group and all we do is and should be enlivened and influenced by Christ. Women of all faiths are welcomed provided they maintain respect for Christ, His Church, and Her teachings. We are all on a journey, striving and struggling towards Heaven. We are all women in need of Christ’s saving Grace. None of us is perfect. We forgive ourselves and each other for our imperfections and failings and encourage each other in Christian Charity. This is group where you can be authentically you and be accepted and loved. A great group to ask questions about the Faith and find support in your vocation as a Christian wife and mother.

Q. What age do my kids have to be for me to join in POPMOMs?

A. 0-100!!! This IS NOT a “mothers-of-young-children only” group, although many of our events work great for moms of toddlers and preschoolers. Admittedly, moms with little ones tend to especially need the community we’ve formed and have the time to participate, but we welcome all moms. We are a group for moms. Any mom. All moms.

Q. How do I RSVP for an event? Do RSVP’s matter?

A. All events are shared via Evite. We highly suggest downloading the Evite app to your phone. It makes keeping up with evites a cinch. We would really love POPMOMs to RSVP via Evite. RSVPs are important for planning purposes for each event, and thus are highly recommended. BUT!!! We’re moms too. We understand that some days you can’t make it and other days you find yourself unexpectedly free. When in doubt, always come to a POPMOMs event. We’ll do our best to accommodate you. An event RSVP is not the same as a childcare reservation. See more next.

Q. Tell me about Childcare? What’s the cost? How do I reserve space? Who is welcomed?

A. Outstanding childcare is provided by POP for the benefit of parishioners. We are so blessed by their help and it’s important we support them so they can continue to serve us. Childcare requests a fee of $5/child per event ($15 max per family) paid at either the beginning or end of every event. There is a black, metal donation box conveniently located at the service window in the nursery.
This fee is a free-will, anonymous donation so no mom is deterred from participating in POPMOMs due to budgetary concerns. Donations of supplies are also accepted (please see Childcare for more info on their current needs, before bringing items). While in childcare, kids are given a snack, allowed to play on the playground, shown a movie, guided through a craft project and/or given free play time. Moms are furnished with a pager and are buzzed if needed. Babies six weeks and older are welcomed.

Reservations via email are required for childcare 72 hours before any POPMOMs event. Send the names and ages of your children along with the event title and date. Your reservation is confirmed via email. Be sure to keep that email for your records. If you cannot make it to an event you have RSVP’d to, it is courteous to send an email notifying Childcare so that your spots can be released to those moms on the waiting list.

Q. I'm not ready to leave my baby in childcare! My child doesn’t like being in childcare! What do I do?

A. Babies are always welcome to our meetings. So are quietly entertained toddlers who have a hard time staying in childcare or prefer to be with mom. We can’t speak highly enough of the amazing childcare provided by the lovely women who work in the parish. Our advice: when in doubt, give childcare a try! Your little one may surprise you with how quickly they acclimate and enjoy playing with their friends. And childcare will page you quickly if you are needed. But Mom knows best, so do what you need to do to have a peaceful POPMOMs experience. You may also try attending our Rosary or playdate groups where your sweet little one can make some friends, with you nearby, whom they can then look forward to meeting up with during childcare events.

Q. What can I expect at a General Meeting?

A. Kids can be dropped off 15 minutes before the start time of the meeting. Moms gather in the St. Joseph center Room 108-110, get their name tags and mingle. Coffee is poured, snacks are nibbled and we all take a moment to just be! We begin in prayer and then sit to continue eating as announcements are shared – this is a great time to learn more about what the group and the parish has to offer to moms and their families. Then our presentation begins – a speaker, a craft, a how-to, or an inspiring spiritual activity. We visit and talk some more and then we clean up our space and pick up our kids and go out to set the world on fire with our love. The annual calendar and topic listing of general meetings is sent via email and can be located in the files section of the Facebook group.

Q. Who decides and plans general meeting topics?

A. The calendar is typically finalized by the Summer before the new school year. Leadership, in particular the Coordinator, plan and organize the group’s events in collaboration with the parish liaison. Have an idea for a meeting? Send it to us and we’ll see what we can do. Or better yet, volunteer to join leadership and make your mark on the calendar for the following year.

Q. How is POPMOMs Leadership decided?

A. Leadership team are all volunteers who agree to serve for 2 (or more) years. We are passionate about getting our families to Heaven by lives of holy service to each other and the Church. At the end of each year, we make a public invitation via email to all POPMOMs membership to join in leading and steering the group. Nobody who volunteers to help is turned away. Often, however, we have to resort to personal invitations since moms can sometimes be hesitant to put themselves forward to lead.

Q. What are the group’s annual dues and what are my dues used for?

 A. All dues are a personal, tax-deductible donation. We suggest a donation of $20 per year to help offset costs, but understand that family budgets are important. Some women choose to give more while some must give less than the suggested amount. We happily welcome donations of time and talent in lieu of monetary donations.

We try to have at least one professional speaker and one catered event each year. Both of these events can be costly. The rest of the year our meetings are comprised of volunteer presenters and snacks are provided by our Hostesses. Dues pay for food, coffee, speaker fees, thank you gifts to volunteer speakers, our Chaplain and leadership, craft supplies (where applicable), and charitable donations by the group. We also spend quite a bit every year to thank childcare workers through gift cards. Information on the budget can be accessed by request to the Finance Officer: Tiffany Burns.

Q. Speaking of Hostesses! What exactly does signing up to be a Hostess entail?

A. Glad you asked! Each month two Hostess partners agree to work together to plan, coordinate and promote the playdate and Mom’s Night Out event for the group. The Hostesses for the month are also responsible for providing snacks for our General Meeting. You can sign up to be a Hostess at one of our general meetings or by emailing . Being a Hostess is a great way to give back to the group without committing to being on Leadership Board.

Q. Who is the parish liaison to POPMOMs?

A. That would be Sefanit Mekonnen, POP’s New Evangelization Ministry Leader. You can email her at

Q. What is MNO?

A. Moms night out is a monthly event planned by POPMOM Hostesses. They pick the venue, date and time. We meet up in the evening, enjoy food and drinks usually or some other fun adventure and create amazing friendships in the process.

Q. What can I expect from a POPMOMs play date?

A. Fun! Much like MNO, the date and venue vary depending on the Hostess. Some months may be a park meet-up, others may be a indoor-jump place or a splash pad. Evites always include all relevant info and contact information for the hostess if you have any questions or trouble the event date. Our monthly Rosary Group is like a big play date, too. We meet up, pray a rosary while the kids play quietly, and then usually head outside to one of the many green spaces at POP to let the kids run around.

Q. Do I have to go to Confession during POPMOMs general meetings?

A. We try to coordinate with a Priest to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation during our monthly general meetings. As moms, we know how difficult it can be to find the time to come to Confession and with kids in tow, no less! There is no pressure or expectation that any mom go to Confession, so not to worry. Take advantage of the opportunity if you are ready and if not, that’s ok, too. We have moms who make a habit of going every month during our meeting. Other families have a routine that makes Confession during our meetings unnecessary for that mom. We’ve even seen Moms who haven’t been to Confession in many years finally summon the courage to seek reconciliation because we’ve coordinated to offer it in a safe, familiar environment. Praise God! Confession is offered, face-to-face or anonymously, in another room across the hall from where we are meeting. A sign-up sheet can be found at our set-up table. Moms circulate through in order, and alert the mother signed up after them when they are done.

Q. I'm clearing out our playroom/kitchen/garage. Is it ok to post pictures and sell these items in the Facebook group?

A. POPMOMs online group is one of support, encouragement and virtual fellowship. We are not currently set up as a Buy/Sell/Trade (BST) site, which is where these types of sales posts belong. If you would like to post pictures of items that you have to donate for free to moms in the group, that is fine but we ask that the POPMOMs Facebook group is not used to sell personal items.

Q. Can I post that I am in search of (ISO) an item to see if anyone in the group has something I need?

A. Absolutely! ISO posts and polling the group as a whole for an item you’re looking to buy or borrow is perfectly fine. Please always remember the spirit of our group and that our purpose is not to be a virtual garage sale.

Q. I am a work at home mom (WAHM) with a direct sales business. Is it ok for me to post information about my business, advertise specials or recruit POPMOMs members for my team?

A. While we respect WAHMs and the dedication required to run a business while tending to little ones, POPMOMs online group is not a place for advertising your business or any kind of direct sale. If you would like to be added to our business directory, please add your information to our Direct Sales Info file or contact an admin with any questions or needed clarifications. If a member of POPMOMs would like to contact you directly about purchasing your product or has other inquiries, they are more than welcome to do so using the information you have provided in the directory, but please refrain from posting about your business on the wall of the group.

Q. Who moderates the Facebook page?

A. The administration team consists of the Coordinator, Vice-Coordinator, and Spiritual Coordinator who frequently monitor the group to ensure the spirit of the group is maintained. While we do not want or expect the need to delete posts, we do reserve the right to do so.

Q. If I respond to the googlegroup email do all POPMOMs see my response?

A. No. Our Google group is set up so that only moderators can publish to the entire group.

Q. I have an email I’d like to share with all POPMOMs membership, is that ok?

A. Only emails relevant to our ministry and communications/events from the parish will be shared with the group at large. If you’d like to promote a non-sales related cause or event of interest, feel free to share it on the Facebook group.