home school

alive in christ



We understand that families have many pressures on them in today's world. We also know that parents want the very best for their children. That sometimes means that they are unable to attend our formal religious education processes. We want to provide every opportunity for our families to grow in their faith and deepen their love for Christ.

We have found at Prince of Peace that we need to meet families where they live and provide the support that parents need to live the promises made at the Baptism of their children. We developed Home School Alive in Christ to meet the needs of those families who struggle with fitting our schedule into ours and help them to maintain their connection to Prince of Peace as well as to live the promise made at their child’s baptism.

Families participating in Home School Alive in Christ will receive all the materials and guidelines in a binder that has with all the parent and child components to complete the year long process of faith formation in their home. As the family works through the Alive in Christ they will complete the online E-Assessments or written Chapter and Unit Reviews. The E-Assessments help us to assess the child’s progress and helps parents to check for understanding of the concepts of faith being taught. Using the Alive in Christ series is a wonderful way for the whole family to learn about Jesus Christ and the Church together. The fee is $110 per child, and there is a discount for families with three or more children registering.