Familia is...

The peace of knowing your family is on the right track. You love your family. They are worth the investment of your time. Be a part of a Catholic program that can help you reach the heights God has planned for you. See for yourself what the Church really has to offer your marriage.

Familia exists to support you in your efforts to build a strong family life. It is Familia's mission to strengthen families by helping men and women live their mission to marriage and parenthood in all its fullness with the richness and beauty of the Catholic faith. The family is the bedrock of our society. This is where God has made known his presence in a most unique and unrepeatable way. Familia equips men and women with practical tools that will enable them to become spouses, fathers and mothers their family needs.
Please drop by the Familia information table during Fellowship Sundays to learn more about the programs offered at Prince of Peace (St. Joseph’s building). Registration for groups continue through May, and classes will commence in September for Mother of Young Children Program, Couples Program, and Husband’s and Father’s Program.

Contact Isabelle Nguyen for more information: haitrieu@hotmail.com.