first reconciliation & eucharist

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At Prince of Peace, we are committed to giving parents, the first educators in the faith, the tools to help them raise their children in the faith.

We equip our families preparing for the sacraments through Faith Formation and during two retreats: one for Reconciliation and one for Eucharist. Parents receive fantastic books, accessible theology, and practical suggestions for cultivating a love for Reconciliation & Eucharist at home. And children learn about the sacraments through Scripture plays, hands-on projects, and fun Q&A sessions.

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is my child ready to begin preparing for Reconciliation & Eucharist?  

Children are ready to prepare for Reconciliation when:

  • They have some understanding of the difference between right and wrong, morally good and bad.
  • They are learning to know the difference between sins and accidents or mistakes.
  • They are capable of apologizing.
  • They are beginning to know God as a loving Father who forgives us.

Children are ready to prepare for Eucharist when:

  • They can (for the most part) pay attention at Sunday Mass.
  • They have some appreciation that God works through miracles.
  • They show curiosity about the Eucharist.
  • They can follow directions on how to (physically) partake in the Eucharist (without playing or disturbing others during the sacrament at Mass).

Remember: every child is different. While the Church typically believes children are ready around the age of seven, we recognize that some children are ready before that and others afterwards. Please contact us if you have any questions about your child’s readiness to begin preparing.

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My child is ready to begin preparation. What should we do? 

Make sure your family life is cultivating your child’s sacramental life: frequently participate in the sacraments as a family. The United States Bishops recommend we receive Reconciliation once a month. As Catholics, we are called to deepen our relationship with God through daily prayer and weekly Mass. Frequent Reconciliation and weekly Mass are the two greatest things you, as a parent, can do in helping your child prepare for the sacraments.

Register your child for Faith Formation. Please see below for details.


My child is not ready to begin preparation. What should we do? 

Continue encouraging your child by receiving Reconciliation frequently yourself, and developing curiosity about the Eucharist in your child by asking him or her questions before and after Mass. We cannot underestimate the power of prayer: ask God to help your child be ready to receive these sacraments.  


Here at Prince of Peace, our Christian Initiation Ministry recognizes that  everyone's faith journey does not look the same. So, whatever the situation, we're here to assist each individual on his or her unique path. If you have questions or concerns about the process, just let us know.



STEP ONE: Register your child for Faith Formation

Just like our children go to school every year, our children should attend Faith Formation each year to encourage and reinforce the formation they are already receiving at home.  (Will your child be in 6th-12th grade? Click here.)

STEP TWO: Register your child for the sacraments

Once your child is registered for Faith Formation, you will receive a confirmation email that contains the link to register your child to prepare for the sacraments.