passing on the faith

Our central mission and purpose is to support grandparents in fulfilling their vocation to pass on the faith and keep prayer at the heart of family life. We are part of an international association and offer prayer, support, education, social service, catechesis, pilgrimages, and more.

If you have any questions or would like to join us, visit, or contact Marilyn Henry at, or 713-244-4217. 

Adopt-a-Prayer-Child Initiative

There are so many children and young people in our community who need our help and prayers—children who are hurt, confused, angry, hungry, lonely, sick and/or disillusioned—children who are longing for someone to love and help them heal.

Volunteer to Pray for a Child

When you volunteer for the Adopt-a-Prayer Child, you make a commitment to pray for a specific child for a specified period of time. You will receive the child’s name, age, gender and other relevant information that can be shared. To volunteer, please contact Marilyn Henry at, or 713-244-4217. 

Submit a Child for Us to Pray For

Provide details of the child for whom you wish to have prayer, and your child will be entered into a prayer binder and will be prayed for by his or her adoptive Grandparent/s during our Prince of Peace Catholic Grandparents meetings, on the Feast Day of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne, Grandparents of Jesus, privately by the adoptive Grandparent, etc. To submit a child, please contact Marilyn Henry at, or 713-244-4217.