opportunity to serve

Parish Brown Bag Lenten Project benefits four important Houston Area organizations.

This Lent, practice Almsgiving, Intentional Prayer, and Mercy through the Brown Bag Lenten Project.

  • Pick up a Brown Bag at the completion of Ash Wednesday Services or after Mass the following weekend. (Call Susan Gallagher at 281-571-4136 if you still need a bag).

  • Read the packet! The complete instructions are there for you.

  • During each week of Lent, leading up to Holy Week, pray for the “Charity of the Week”. Learn about how these charities serve people in need - those who are poor, sometimes those who are poor in spirit, who are lonely or sad.

  • At the end of each charity’s designated week, select an item(s) from their list of needs and place your donation(s) in the brown bag.

  • At the end of the Project, you will return your bag(s) to the Community Center Gymnasium (volunteers will be waiting to receive your donations after Mass).

  • In the packet you will receive is the information for the sorting event in the Community Center Gymnasium. This fun event is a chance to work with other POP friends towards helping many people.

  • Approach Holy Week with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that our Father in Heaven is well aware of your sacrifices and your mercy for other people!

  • Rejoice on Easter Sunday for a Lenten journey that was well done, worthy servant of the Lord!

volunteer to help


If you would like to help with our Annual Brown Bag Lenten Project, contact Lucy Elizondo at Elizondo_lucy@hotmail.com for dates and times.

  1. Copying, assembly, and stapling of project packets

  2. Preparation of brown bags for distribution

  3. Receipt of donation-filled brown bags after Masses on designated weekend

  4. Additional volunteer work – Sorting and boxing of donations after Easter

  5. Volunteer commitment – seasonal project; one to several days, depending on availability