Why We Give

When a couple marries, they often find themselves pretty much spending their paycheck(s).


And then along comes little Constantine. Suddenly, there is money for diapers and pediatricians, baby clothes, and toys. That becomes the # 1 priority. There are some changes, but life goes on with the addition of a beautiful little Gift of God.

Setting aside something at the beginning of the paycheck for the most important part of my life makes sense. That’s why the Bible calls me to give my first fruits back to God. This is sometimes called a “tithe,” which recalls the Bible practice of giving to God the first percentage of the crop or flock. The most important word here is first.

Everything I have actually belongs to God. I am his steward, his tenant.

  • As the produce comes in from his gifts, it all belongs to him.
  • Instead of taking it all, he invites me to keep the benefits from his blessings as my own.
  • Then, because I am in a relationship with him, I give him a gift of love, a concrete sign of my gratitude to him. I give him this gift first because he is first. I remember to make the most important thing the most important thing.

This stretches my heart to make it more unselfish. And unselfish people make better spouses, parents, co-workers, neighbors.

Giving to God first invites him to bless my finances and makes room for him to prosper me even more over time.

God gives you and me the grace not just to listen to him, but to imitate him. By his very nature, he is The Giver. When you and I return our tithe to him, we are acting in his image: we are acting like God!

Prince of Peace is here to help people get closer to God. This relationship is not complete with prayer, worship, service, living moral lives. It must always include giving back to God. This, in turn, builds up our faith and creates space for joy and generosity in our hearts.

Great things continue to happen at Prince of Peace. This is thanks to God’s grace and your generosity.  

The future holds incredible promise for us here, but we must adapt to our changing world and population. We must do more for families and grandparents; improve technology and communications; enhance our Sunday worship, especially music.  

If everyone gives, if everyone gives from their first fruits if everyone gives generously…then we create a greater and greater space at Prince of Peace for the Lord to do even more wonderful things and, above all, for God to be glorified. And that is the greatest gift of all.