Why I Don't Give


In last week’s blog, we reflected on the reality that everything is God’s, who makes us the stewards of our individual lives, but doesn’t show up to collect his cut of the proceeds. He treats our connection as a love relationship, not a business arrangement. Like any beloved, he waits expectantly for us to gift him from our finest treasures, our first produce. We offer our Creator the first percentage, the first tithe of the paycheck. This gift is an essential part of creating a prayer-service-worship relationship with him. It gives God the opportunity to make us happier and to bless our lives and the lives we touch with his own unselfish love.

As Catholics, we may not have heard this message adequately in the past. We may think that tithing, giving back to God the first fruits, is something other churches do and it doesn’t apply to us. However, it’s right there in the Bible, and therefore it’s about us Catholics, too!

There are many excuses for not giving my first tithe back to God:

I don’t have the money now. Maybe after the kids get out of school. This is an act of love with the One who loves you. Do you tell your kids you’ll give them clothing, food or gifts after they get out of school and you can afford it?

I don’t earn much, so why bother? As an act of love, even the smallest gift touches the heart of the God who loves you.

I don’t agree with how the church spends money. Your tithe is to God, which he entrusts to the church to use in building the Kingdom of God. This is personal with God and about God. (And if you have some suggestions for the parish, let them know!)

I give my time instead of money. Your time and effort are an essential part of your relationship with God, as is prayer and worship. Do you say to your family there’s no money to give this week because you worked so hard cleaning the house?

I do give, just not every week. And I keep forgetting to sign up for online giving. Many people don’t give every week. Giving from your first fruits means giving after every paycheck. And now, there are many ways you can give….

To assist everyone to respond to God’s call to give, we have expanded our donation channels to include: the regular collection, the mail, and electronic communication. Folks may contribute paper money, checks, offering envelopes, automatic fund transfer, credit cards, text giving and even the transfer of stocks and securities. For assistance, please contact Cecilia Buice at cbuice@pophouston.org.