Touched by an Angel


Christmas is almost upon us, so the last thing anyone needs is something else to do.

Not necessarily.

I want to add one more item to your agenda, whether it is a Tasks list in Outlook, a Word document of January things to do, a journal next to your bed or a curling piece of notebook paper magnetically wed to your refrigerator.

This “one-more-thing” on your list breaks down into two parts:  WHAT and HOW.  The second part may be even more important than the first…

WHAT:  Reach out to one person (or couple or family) from whom you are estranged, have lost contact with, are not speaking to, had a quarrel or for whatever reason climbed into another boat and sailed away. This can include unhappy relationships, but never toxic ones.  This is about reaching out, not sinking back into unhealthy connections.

HOW:  Keep it simple and uncomplicated.  Send an e-mail, text, card, letter, package or maybe a private Tweet or Facebook message.

Do not apologize, ask for forgiveness or expect the same from the other person.

Do not establish a dialogue, make explanations (lengthy or otherwise) or send sarcastic little messages.

Simply communicate by communicating simply:  Hello!  Happy New Year!  Thinking of you!  Missing you!  Or perhaps send an Epiphany card or a photo of the grandchildren or a cut-and-paste from Google.

That’s all.  No requests or invitations.  Simply a touch.

That is, after all, how most important things begin.  With simplicity, with a touch.

Christmas began when an angel, a rather nice one, walked up to Mary and said:  Hello! And touched her with God.

Father John