Sunday Update from Fr.John

Today we celebrate the Lord’s Day and give thanks together as a faith community. Our visitors, our residents, those who escaped the ravages of Harvey and those who were plundered by the flood waters, those who believe and those who are struggling to have faith: you are welcome at the table of the Lord at Prince of Peace.

The priests and deacons will be here throughout today to visit, to bless, to listen, to pray.  And, as always, the Lord is among us in the Tabernacle, reminding us that he will never leave us orphans.

As we travel through this coming week, celebrating Labor Day, witnessing the re-opening of Cy-Fair ISD and continuing to clean up and rebuild: the gift of daily Eucharist will be offered daily. Come and pray for a half hour and receive the strength that comes only from God…

Volunteers: thank you for your generosity! Please help us stay organized and meet all our volunteer needs by signing up to volunteer through one of the links below.  Parents bringing children and youth younger than 18 will be asked to complete medical and liability release forms.



Please join other POP volunteers, ages 16 and over, who want to work on a "MUD" team (Sheetrock, insulation and carpet removal).  Report tomorrow (Sept. 4) at 7:45 am to Champions Forest Baptist, 15555 Stuebner Airline Road, Houston, TX  77069.  Park in the far back of the church. Your contact is Clay Evans POP MUD Team Coordinator; he will be wearing a red shirt (ACTS). For questions call Clay Evans at 832-693-4107. 

We are continuing to assess our volunteer needs. Please c heck our Streams of Mercy page regularly for the latest signup links for volunteering.
Many have asked about POP serving as a shelter: we are not approved by the Red Cross at this time and for this disaster. We will continue to serve our community in other ways.

We will be serving a free supper again tonight for flood victims from 5:00 to 6:30 pm in the Community Center, across from the Main Church. The Community Center has electrical outlets and free Wi-Fi. 

We ask everyone NOT to contribute clothing at this time.

We can still use and distribute:
Plastic bins with lids
5 gallon buckets
50 Ozs. Bottles of  Laundry Detergent
12-16 ozs. Bottles of Liquid Soap that may be mixed with water
16-24 ozs. Bottles of Dish Soap
Cans of air freshener
Cans of bug repellent
Clothes Line(s)
Clothes Pins
Scrub brushes
Sponges (no cellulose)
Handi Wipes
Scouring pads - no abrasive pads such as Brillo, or S.O.S., with Soap built in
24 rolls of heavy duty trash bags (33-45 gallons)
Dust masks
Dish-washing gloves
Work gloves

We have resumed our regular Mass schedule this weekend.

Monday (Labor Day) Mass will be at 9:00 am. Adoration and evening services resume Tuesday.
The Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth are spearheading a night of adoration on Thursday, September 7. We will be joining the other parishes of Texas in a prayer service with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and a time of adoration, beginning at 7:30 pm.

A special collection for relief of the flood victims is being held the next two weekends in all the parishes of the United States. Prince of Peace and area parishes most affected will not be taking a collection.

If anyone wishes to make a special financial gift for the hurricane victim relief through our Mercy Ministry you can do so at, or you can send an email to

For the most current updates on needed items, volunteering, financial donations,  and food, visit our  Streams of Mercy Page

Let us give thanks and praise to God in all things,
Father John