Space to Become Disciples

Thanks to the blessings of God and the generosity and hard work of many members of our parish family, Prince of Peace has physically expanded yet again. 200 new parking spaces and three new structures are a part of our call to reach more people and to accompany everyone who comes to us to a deeper life of discipleship.

It’s all about Jesus.   Sunday Eucharist – his Word and his Body and Blood – are the heart of our parish life.   Everything else flows from and points back to these twin pillars of our faith.

And so, why the new buildings?

Once upon a time, many of our ancestors lived in Christian cultures…at least they tried to be Christian.  These were inhabited by Christian families.  Children learned about God and their faith from their parents. The Church supported their faith journey by offering the Sacraments and opportunities for fellowship. There were special events like Stations of the Cross and parish missions (revivals). Whenever someone was in need, neighbors gathered together to help them feed their children or raise a new barn. The stories of the Bible and truths of the faith were passed on by parents and grandparents around the family hearth. These same stories were then illustrated by the stained glass, statues and art work at the family church. Many of these churches were breathtaking experiences that seemed to sweep the worshiper into the awesomeness of heaven itself.

Today, few of our parents have been adequately instructed in their faith. Some pray, many do not know how. Some come to Mass on Sunday; many have no idea why they should. Some understand their faith, most do not. Many live lives of “quiet desperation,” unaware of the gifts and the presence of Jesus Christ.

Our new St. Andrew Discipleship Center was not constructed to provide a big space for basketball or scouting, bazaars or fundraisers. Its principal dedication is activities that will help people to become disciples. Becoming a disciple means coming to know Jesus Christ and know about him, to live that knowledge in prayer and Scripture, service and stewardship. The large space enables the parish to invite major Catholic speakers and evangelists to minister to large numbers of our parish family. The space, in turn, will break down to accommodate smaller groups in discussion and prayer. 
In the coming years, we will work more diligently to help people to become disciples of Jesus Christ. We will be more attentive to the often busy and overworked adults of our parish who do not know their faith. Prince of Peace has a long history of serving our children. We must be equally energized to bring Christ to their parents.

  The artwork above depicting St. Andrew was commissioned for our new facilities and created by Texas Artist Randy Friemel.  The original will hang in the new St. Andrew Discipleship Center.