Our Own Deacon

Jeff BAme.jpg

Dear POP Folks,
   May is a month when our attention turns easily to mothers, graduations, weddings, final exams and the anticipation of summer jobs, college, careers and vacations.

May is also a time for Holy Orders:  ordinations of new deacons on their way to priesthood and of new priests offering their lives for the People of God.  

This May "one of our own" is being ordained to the Order of Deacon on his way to the priesthood.   Jeff Bame was active in our youth ministry, active in his faith while studying at A & M, active in ministry while working in the world of technology, and all the while, the Holy Spirit was active in him, calling him to the priesthood.

These past years, Jeff has experienced the incredible grace of God in prayer and the spiritual life; grown in his knowledge and skills as a theologian, counselor, teacher, preacher and leader; become a speaker of Spanish; honed his skills at the altar of worship; and progressively surrendered his life joyfully to his God.

 Jeff, who used to sit in "that pew over there" with his parents will now be sitting in "one of The Chairs" up there.   He won't be lording it over us, but rather, declaring himself available to serve and to bless as the servant of all.

 As God's people, we are called to support Deacon Jeff with our love and our prayers.  His ordination begins a year of ministry for him as a deacon.   It is also a continuation of his seminary formation in prayer and study.   It will be a great journey, culminating in the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

You and I are also reminded that God has called others in our midst to be deacons and priests, Religious, consecrated women, and lay ministers in the Church.  At this moment, there are a number of young men in our parish being called to the seminary.  Some of them are contemplating, some are resisting, some are postponing, and some don't have a clue -  yet.

Let us pray for them every day.  God loves us so much that he has given us the life, the heart and the talents of Deacon Jeff Bame.  Let's never stop praying that he will bless Jeff with worthy brothers in the ministry of the priesthood of Jesus Christ.  There is no gift that God can give a man more wonderful than that.

Father John
p.s. If you know someone in our parish whom God may be calling to be a deacon or a priest, a Religious sister or a brother, ask them!  If you're shy, send them an anonymous note. And above all, pray for them! Any names come to mind??