New Year, New Time


A new year is an opportunity to get serious (again) about God.   His grace keeps calling us back, even when we’ve started and stopped a few hundred times.  Here are a few reminders of ways to reconnect with the Maker of the New Year…

Talk to God for a few minutes every day.  Remember that he’s always listening, that he lives in the corner of your room, and that he really wants to help.   If you haven’t got time to pray, at least wave at him over in the corner.   He loves you so much that he treasures even that.
Let God talk to you through the Bible.  Go to the Gospels, the Psalms or the daily readings you can find in the parish bulletin or  Don’t start the Bible at the beginning and read all the way through.  That’s more like a cross country run than a heart-felt stroll with your Maker.

Sometimes it helps just to hold on to something holy.  And, while you’re holding on, picture/think about/reflect on the great things God has done for you, like dying and rising from the dead.  Find your rosary and give it a test drive in 2015.

Weren’t expecting this one, were you?   Cars and trucks and SUVs are a great way to get closer to God and to spread his love.  For instance:

  • Remember that every moment you spend in the church parking lot is an opportunity to bless someone who has been away from the faith or who believes we’re all a bunch of hypocrites or who is 16 or 86 and frightened out of their wits at navigating and parking in our lot.
  • When you’re parking, remember that those red curbs enable emergency vehicles to quickly access those who are in need.If there’s a fire or a heart attack, do you want your car to be the one that keeps help from arriving in time?
  • As you motor through Prestonwood Forest, note that God gave this subdivision a lot of trees, but the builders didn’t provide any sidewalks.There are a lot of kids, dogs, adults and even squirrels who need God’s love…and your safe driving.

So, faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead (James 2:17).