Make America Better

Independence Day is an invitation to rediscover who we are as citizens or residents of this nation. The Declaration of Independence is a watershed document in world history. It also cost nearly all its signers their comfort, their material goods, even their lives.
On this July 4, 2018, I suggest that we individually embrace the intention of Making America Better. Each of us is a living foundation stone of what the United States is today. None of us is irrelevant. No one reading this is parsley: we are part of the meat and potatoes of this nation. In this light, I challenge you to embrace a culture of change that will Make America Better.
Take care of the earth where America rests. Choose at least one small gesture toward respecting and treasuring the planet. It may be recycling plastic or intentionally using less water when you shower or avoiding driving in peak traffic, gas-guzzling times of the day. Great or small, every act of conservation can help Make America Better.
Social communications should include the sharing of true information, the civil exchange of opinions and invitations to dialogue. To demonize another human being is to deny that he or she possesses any inherent goodness, any worthwhile ideas and any connection with the Creator. That is the most profound of untruths. Disagree, don’t demonize. Make America Better.
Study after study affirms the power and importance of the family as the building block of society. Every positive action that strengthens the family, in turn, strengthens America. Family meals (with grace), parents’ date night, fun family activities (no screens necessary), and worshiping together require little time and provide strength to the family. And yes, they Make America Better.
Worship can be a massive contributor to the health of our nation. When the individual or family participates in community worship, they hear the essential truths of the Creator, his plan, and our common sonship. Awhile back, I blogged about this. The act of going to Mass can truly help to Make America Better.
Prayer can take many forms. Petition and intercession involve acknowledging God’s power, his care for us and our own needs. There is a lot of complaining, suggesting, and advocating going on in the USA. What about prayer? The individual Catholic Christian should be praying daily for specific needs for our country, for wisdom and success for our President, the Congress, the Supreme Court and all those in public office. People at every level of public service make foolish decisions every day.  Who is praying for them? It is our responsibility as residents, as Catholics, as Christians. And, yes, daily prayer will absolutely Make America Better.