Dear POP Sisters and Brothers


There has been so much destruction to our homes, our school schedules and the tranquility of our lives. Even as the darkness and damage has closed around us, we have been blessed to welcome a new member through adult baptism and two beautiful babies born into our midst. You and I have seen or been a part of so many episodes of blessing and concern for others, even strangers. I have received phone calls or visited with people who live far away, yet have or will be traveling to Prince of Peace to bring supplies and support to assist us in our community flood relief efforts.
One example: Kimberly Wieberg returned from southern Missouri accompanied by family members who hauled a truckload (and more) of soaps and toiletries from the Unilever Brands factory in Jefferson City. The boxes of supplies contained not only goods for the relief of flood victims, but many personal cards and notes from the factory workers... not just giving to us, but caring about our hearts and well-being.
Even as we continue the clean-up and rebuilding efforts, our focus must also include the needs of all the members of our community. With that in mind, we are beginning, resuming or continuing worship and prayer activities, classes, meetings and gatherings of all sorts. One important activity, the adoration of the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, will take place tonight (Thursday, September 7) in the Main Church at 7:30 pm; Mondays - Thursdays beginning at 9:30 am; and at ADORE next Wednesday.
We can borrow a page from the current life of our next-door parish St. Ignatius Loyola. Their church and chapel and most of their structures have been flooded, but they refuse to define themselves as a homeless community. Their campus is active, their worship is ongoing and they continue to shine as the vibrant, active community God has created them to be. Let us keep them in our prayers and imitate their resolve as we, too, rebuild our parish life for those who have escaped the floodwaters and for all who have not.

Let us give thanks and praise to God in all things,
Father John