"Church Singles"


Dear POP folks,

The latest statistics report that, for the first time, more than 50% of Americans are single (non-married).

Let's talk about another category - "church singles".  A church single may be an unmarried person, a divorced individual or a widow.  The term may describe an individual whose spouse does not come to church. It could be applied to someone who is happily-married with a family, but who is working far from home. It obviously includes young adults just starting out, people whose spouses are homebound, new kids at college who are still finding their way around, and many more.

Sometimes a church single is an individual who barely makes it to Mass on the way to or from work. It could also describe someone with medical or emotional conditions that entail sitting near the door, being close to a restroom or having to leave Mass early ahead of the crowd.

As we strive to be a welcoming community, Prince of Peace now even dares to describe itself in our current capital campaign as "Welcoming All Who Thirst".  Sadly, we often welcome only those who seek us out to register or to obtain information about a sacrament or a parish program.  Many (most?) of the church singles come, worship and slip out the side door.  Hopefully, those around them at the Sign of Peace extended Christ's presence to them.  Maybe they were even welcomed at the door by a greeter or usher.  As they left, they may have had the opportunity to exchange a greeting with one of the deacons or priests.  But, are we really welcoming them, helping them to take their place in our home at our family table?

We have an official welcoming ministry here at Prince of Peace. YOU joined it when you were baptized. YOU may be the one God will work through to touch someone who is alone, hurting, dis-connected sitting in the pew in church. YOU are a minister of hospitality.

 If you are one of the church singles, YOU belong here, too!  God always calls each person who comes to the community of faith to make a connection:  through a ministry, a retreat or just visiting with a staff person to discern where you can sync with this vibrant community of faith. 

If you're a church single and looking to connect, please give a call to one of the clergy or the staff, especially Sefanit Mekonnen, who is here just for you!  She's at (281) 571-4116 and sstefanos@pophouston.org.

Whether you're new to this or have been a church single for a long time, you are a member of the Body of Christ.  You are connected.  You belong.  You are one of us at Prince of Peace!