Called to Serve & Grow


Dear POP Folks,
A great rabbi once wrote that God created man because He loves stories.

So here’s a true story about Jim and Mary, a Prince of Peace couple.
Mary and Jim were faithful Catholics and came to Mass every Sunday (Called to Grow).  One day, Jim attended a Christmas party given by one of his clients.  There was a drawing for an all-expense paid overseas vacation.  Jim’s name was chosen.  He and Mary were delighted.

They found themselves in Europe on September 11, 2001.  The World Trade Center disaster grounded all flights, but also gave the people of Europe the opportunity to show their love and support for Mary and Jim, and all of the grieving Americans in their midst.  The couple returned home profoundly touched and grateful to God for their experiences.  They shared this piece of their lives with Father John and even wrote an article for the parish newsletter.

They continued to come to Mass each Sunday, and one day were invited by Father to become Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Called to Serve).  They were nervous and felt unworthy at first, but they embraced their new ministry with a joy that was evident each time they distributed Communion (Called to Grow). 

As Mary and Jim lived their faith and met others at Prince of Peace, they soon discovered that many of their neighbors also worshipped here and they began getting together (Called to Grow).  They also discovered that there were some really fine people on their street who were lapsed Catholics.  They invited them to the parish gala and to Sunday Mass (Called to Serve).  What a great joy it was to be a part of welcoming them back to the full practice of the faith!

Jim and Mary fell more deeply in love with God and the Catholic faith of their childhood.  On vacation, they stopped for a short retreat at John Michael Talbot’s spirituality center in Arkansas (Called to Grow) and made ACTS retreats (Called to Grow) at Prince of Peace.  Now even more passionate about their faith, they began to serve actively in the ministry of John Michael’s St. Clare Monastery here in the parish and in the support and presentation of ACTS retreats (Called to Serve).
Today,  Mary and Jim are closer to God as they live the reality that they ARE the Church and share their faith with the many new friends they have made growing and serving.

YOU have been Called to Serve and Called to Grow.  God loves you so deeply that He just can’t bring Himself to do Church without you.