Blessings, Challenges & Surprises

Dear POP Folks,
2014 is already proving to be a year of blessings, challenges and surprises. 


This month sees our friends from Guidance in Giving doing their final study for our next capital campaign.   Yes, it’s that time again.  Our youth ministry is more squeezed than a family of 12 living in a double wide.  We are running out of meeting and teaching space in the St. Joseph Center.  We have also run out of space to house our priests and seminarians, permanent and visiting, at the clergy residence.  And, of course, we need more parking spaces.   We have been planning over the past decade for ongoing expansion, so this will be the next phase of realizing our needs for our campus.  This community has been incredibly generous and supportive in the expansion of the church, renovation of the Community Center, construction of the chapel, the new wing of the St. Joseph Center and many other projects, small and large.  Thank you!

Some really good news is that this year we will see the retirement of our total debt!   Thank God, thank you, and thank low interest rates!

In the Archdiocese, there are critical and ongoing needs for repairs and construction at the seminary, construction of a retirement center for priests, and, of course, the continued birthing of our local Frassati High School.  Please keep these worthwhile causes in your prayers as they chart a course for the future.

Ash Wednesday will be late this year, March 5, with Easter coming the 20th of April.  April 27 will be a huge celebration for the universal Church, marking Divine Mercy Sunday and the canonization (Saint-ing) of the beloved Pope John XXIII and the greatest pope of our age, John Paul II.  Recall that at JPII’s funeral, the largest crowd in the history of the city descended on Rome.  This should be an incredible experience of outpouring of faith for us and our fellow Catholics throughout the world.

God willing, May 17, will be the ordination to the Order of Deacon of our seminarian Jeff Bame.  Jeff will become a transitional deacon, preparing to be ordained a priest in June of 2015.  That weekend will see Jeff assisting at some of the Masses as a deacon for the first time.  A great day for the Bame family, for POP, and for the Archdiocese!

God has great things in mind for us in this new year.  In return, let us keep God in our minds as we are faithful to daily prayer, to Mass each weekend, and confession at least once or twice during the year.  May God who has begun the good work bring it to completion (Philippians 1:6)!
Father John