A (Family) Christmas Story

Dear Families Alive in Christ,

Christmas is a wonderful time for many reasons, but mainly because it is about Jesus! 

It’s really important at Christmas that we remember Jesus’ birth by placing a manger scene in an important place in our house.   If you don’t have one, find a picture on the internet and print it out… then put it in a frame or tape it to the wall or even magnet it onto the refrigerator.

During this Christmas time, don’t forget that Jesus came as a human being, a baby in exactly the same way we came into the world.   Well, OK, most of us weren’t born in stables surrounded by angels, but we were born the same way Jesus was.  Hebrews 4:15 tells us that Jesus was just like us in everything…except sin.

This is a great time of year to have Family Journey Story times.   After the evening meal or before bedtime are especially good times for sharing stories…and maybe a few pictures.  Parents:   share with your child how you felt when you found out that the little one was on the way.   Tell the story of the baby’s birth and especially how you felt when you saw/held your infant for the first time.   Look at some of their baby pictures and explain to your child how little ones don’t see real well at first and how confused they are about when to sleep and how the only way they have to communicate (hunger, pain, dirty diaper, tiredness) is by crying.  Tell how you learned to figure out what the baby needed.

The Advent and Christmas seasons go on for a few weeks, so develop the story after Christmas by looking at birthday pictures from each year of the child’s life and remembering gifts, special goodies, cakes, birthday outings, etc. from your child’s birthday each year.

Tell a part of the story each day.   And always remind the family that Jesus was human just like we are and that he had birthdays and got hungry and cried and needed to be held and loved by Mary and Joseph and his grandparents.

Celebrate your child’s story.  Celebrate your family story.   Celebrate the story of Jesus and his family.

God loved your family so much that he gave you your child.   And he loves family so much that he sent his only Son in just the same way.   Family is the very best way to come into the world.

Congratulations, family!