A Christmas Message from Fr. John

Dear Everybody, 

What a year this has been. Some of us lost part or all of our homes or jobs to floodwaters and the economy. Others adjusted to having not just a winning, but a really winning baseball team in Houston! Lots of locals saw snow for the first time. And, hey, isn't it great to have the Grand Parkway?
And now, here we are at Christmas. Somehow, one people in all our diversity. James Joyce called us, the Church, "Here Comes Everybody!" That sounds like God's dream for us believers and for the human family, as well.
We are here, in faith, to celebrate Jesus. Long before he was born, his job description appeared to people of faith. Even today, we name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:5)
As you come to this place named after the Prince Himself, I pray you check your heart to see what you most lack right now. Somewhere in there, you'll find a need for peace or a hero to rescue you, a father to love you, wisdom to counsel you, wonder to dazzle you, a God who exists and who cares.
That's who we worship here. That's who we sell. He's basically all we have to offer.
Step up to the Living Springs. Open your heart.
Receive the Gift.
...and welcome to Prince of Peace.
Father John Keller,