7 Summer Suggestions


Although Midsummer is astronomically around June 24, the rhythm of our lives puts it precisely right now: July 15. We are roughly 50% through the summer break and not yet into the hysteria of back-to-school, after-vacation busyness. May I offer some suggestions for this middle of the summer lull, centering on improving the practice of your faith?
1. What a great time to go to confession, especially if you haven’t been in a long time. The lines are shorter, but it’s still good to come early. Nowhere is it written that Advent, Lent, Christmas, and Easter are THE times for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
2. Have your house blessed. Whether or not it’s possessed, it’s a grand idea to ask God’s special blessing on your home. A deacon or priest can come to your house, bless holy water (for you to keep) and bless your home. Also your cars, boat, garage, even the cat. Incidentally, all of the clergy come from families and not one of them expects to come to an immaculate house that is both spotless and completely organized. They come to bless a family home, not a museum. So relax.  And more good news: they don’t expect to be paid or fed. This is a service from your Church community.
3. Following up on the previous point: if you have two or several Catholic households in your area, plan to have them all blessed at the same time.  Then have a party!
4. Speaking of parties, do you have an important anniversary coming up in the next two years? If you’d like to have a special service or Mass in the chapel or church, call and reserve it now. Don’t wait until the last minute. You’ve known your 25 th or 50 th was coming since, well, you got married. Right?
5. Do you have the cremains (ashes) of a loved one sitting in a closet or on the mantle?  Our Pastoral Care Ministry can help you arrange an appropriate burial service in cooperation with a funeral home or cemetery.
6. Did you marry in a hurry or have a bad experience that caused you to choose to wed outside the Catholic Church? If your marriage is a happy one and you’d like to seal it as a sacrament before God, it’s easier than you think. 
7. If your children have grown older and missed baptism or first communion, Prince of Peace offers year-round sacramental preparation for all ages, all levels, at all times.
Our Parish Office is open seven days a week. Call (281) 469-2686 or email info@pophouston.org and let us help you find a new path back to God this Midsummer.